Hanoch - Training Program

Hanoch - Training Program

Youth Mentors are the most important asset when working with youth. They serve as "meaningful adults" and are the direct address for youth when feeling distressed or in need of assistance. Research indicates that significant mentors represent the main criterion in motivating youth to advance to a better place.

Hanoch - Training Program conducted by The Division of Welfare & Social Resilience:

  • · Provides access for Youth Mentors to tools required to improve their professional and personal abilities.
  • · Offers a variety of training courses.
  • · Constantly develops innovative non-formal knowledge bodies, methods and approaches.
  • · Offers a unique multi-disciplinary approach combining social, cooperative, educational and therapeutic aspects.

Hanoch - Training Program is a pioneering social-educational-therapeutic doctrine, the first of its kind in Israel, a therapeutic tool based on the principles of social justice and partnerships. The program provides ongoing individual and group support, alongside field-based learning through annual training sessions. In addition, the program provides a professional framework for guidance and training, which is given as an outsourcing program in different municipalities.

Our committed partners include: Israel's Ministry of Education, Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, National Insurance, Adelis Foundation, Agudat Sabah, Dan & Gloria Schusterman Foundation, Rashi Foundation, Ted Arison Family Foundation, Ruach Nechona, Bank Leuimi, JNF UK, the Academic College of Netanya, local education authorities and municipalities in Israel.