Israel & the Diaspora

Often children and youth that make Aliya from France are displaced and feel alienated within Israeli society. This is often due to the fact that their father works abroad and mother has language barriers hindering integration. These factors contribute to pupils having emotional and behavioral problems which schools lack the resources to address.

Israel & the Diaspora program aims to help integrate pupils that have made Aliyah from France to integrate into schools and discover Israel and its society.

Israel & the Diaspora program provides a school psychologist that can make psychological evaluations and provide psychological support to pupils that have made Aliya. Our unique approach is that we recognize that Aliya does not constitute a fresh slate for a pupil, but that we receive reports on the pupil’s history from France to accommodate their individual needs. 

Israel & the Diaspora program mediates between the school administration, parents and pupils as often pupils and parents do not know who to turn to for their various needs. To this end, Israel Tfuzot translates into French the school’s administrative notes for parents.

8 students from Netanya Academic College (NAC) receive scholarships from Aguda Sabah – Pinto Family to each give 100 hours a year and work in the Rigler and Tamar Ariel schools to assist 1340 pupils with their homework.

We give shape to immigrants’ (Olim) Israeli citizenship through our Jewish studies programs enabling French Olim who are traditional Jews to continue to study and do their matriculation in a religious educational framework. Israel Tfuzot offers 200 hours per year of courses on Jewish studies in the Rigler and Shapira schools.

Our committed partners include: Qualita, Keren Hayesod, Adelis Foundation, Rashi Foundation, Mr. Max Ben Amou, and Mr. David Amiel.

Israel & the Diaspora program provides workshops that prepare pupils and their parents for the army with association with Tzahal Connection. 50 families learn about unit structure and why they need to contribute to army service.

Israel & the Diaspora program impacts upon 270 pupils aged 13-18 from low socio-economic backgrounds that attend 2 schools in Netanya and 1 school in Mikve Yisrael. 70% of pupils graduate from the 2 schools in Netanya and in Mikve Israel there is a 90% rate of graduation. This offers tremendous hope and confidence for pupils that are immigrants that have language barriers or learning difficulties that they have the ability to successfully integrate into Israeli society and make an enormous contribution to their new environment in the State of Israel.

Our committed partners include: Qualita, Keren Hayesod, Adelis Foundation, Rashi Foundation, Mr. Max Ben Amou, and Mr. David Amiel.