Educational Excellence

Israel’s education system is marked by substantial gaps that exist between the country’s center and its periphery in terms of government investment per student, educational content, the availability of technological equipment and more. Believing that every child is entitled to receive quality education, KIAH established the Division for Educational Excellence in 2001. The Division’s mission is to narrow these gaps in levels of education between the country’s center and periphery, mainstream and marginalized populations.

In order to effect lasting changes, the Division for Educational Excellence targets schools in socio-geographic regions with a view to long-term capacity building. All of the Division’s diverse programs have in common a commitment to improving quality of teaching, setting high standards, developing students’ motivation, encouraging critical thinking, strengthening self-image and fostering independent learning skills.

The Division works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and local municipalities and enjoys the partnership of leading academic institutes, hi-tech and other advanced companies, foundations and private donors. Through the Division, KIAH has built a network of scholastic advancement programs that operate in schools throughout the country, aiming to provide every student in Israel with the necessary conditions to ensure his or her success in fulfilling their potential.

The Division currently works in over 45 schools nationwide, impacting some 25,000 school students and 2,300 teachers.