Alliance virtual museum

Alliance virtual museum, Kol Israel Haverim

The 'Alliance Museum' is a virtual museum that tells the story of the legacy of communities, partners, students, educators and school principals who took part in the important activities of the Alliance Kol Israel Haverim organization which exists for over 160 years and whose activities focused on the Jewish communities in Asia, Africa and the Balkans.

The story of the organization is the story of these communities, which operated in 280 schools and 10 training institutions in 15 countries and 105 cities. The schools and institutions were established with the support of the local leadership, the heads of the community and their Rabbis. These institutions brought about a dramatic change in the status of the Jews in their countries. The Alliance schools provided modern Jewish education to more than a million students, boys and girls, universal education and professional training, alongside Judaic studies and Hebrew language. In these countries a new generation has arisen, an educated generation that believes in the connection between tradition and modernity and the meeting between West and East.