Developing Excellence in Educational and Values-Based School Management through Structured Jewish-Israeli Identity Activities

‘Ma’arag’ – Kol Israel Haverim is a school intervention program that cultivates a unifying Israeli Judaism in secular government schools. The program guides the school to discover and hone its own unique pedagogical perspective on Jewish-Israeli Education. Ma’arag assists the school to develop platforms to disseminate this pedagogy within the school community among teachers, pupils, and parents.

Ma’arag guides the school principal and school management in an educational process by establishing leadership teams of teachers, pupils, and parents; develops a unique curriculum with its main activities addressing Jewish-Israeli identity; and implements organizational models that support this process of change.

Ma’arag’s expertise lies in its ability to spark this process of change in secular government schools, based on its extensive experience promoting Jewish-Israeli identity content. Ma’arag challenges the school to build structured Jewish-Israeli identity activities, and promotes excellence in educational and values-based management. The identity content is not only relegated to the Jewish Education field, but rather plays a central role in the life of the school, influencing the entire school sphere.

At the end of four years of intensive guidance, the schools complete the Ma’arag program, and are awarded the Sign of Excellence in Jewish Education. 120 schools have already successfully completed the Ma’arag program to date.

Ma’arag works in partnership with: the Posen Foundation, the Adelis Foundation, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education – Heritage Department, local municipalities, and schools that participate in the program.

Each year, Ma’arag guides 15 schools.

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