Morim Movilim: Leading Teachers of Jewish Culture

Training Professional Coordinators of Jewish-Israeli Culture in Schools Sensitive to a Wide Variety of Traditions and Identities

‘Morim Movilim: Leading Teachers of Jewish Culture’ – Kol Israel Haverim trains professional coordinators of Jewish-Israeli Culture in secular government schools. The program cultivates a unifying Israeli Judaism, while promoting sensitivity to a wide array of traditions and Jewish identities among pupils in secular government schools.

The program enhances the professional knowledge base of the teachers in the field of Jewish-Israeli Culture. It strengthens their abilities, and offers tools and skills that help them coordinate the profession to evolve into a significant subject in the school, becoming a central component in its daily life, and influencing all aspects of the school sphere.

Through the program, the leading teachers become familiar with Beit Midrash teaching pedagogy, which helps them manage an identity-clarifying discourse based in multicultural sensitivity. This discourse emphasizes subjects that often do not receive adequate attention in the secular government school system, like Masorti identity, and the heritage of the Sephardic Sages.

The program’s framework includes a training seminar of 90 hours, which is spread out over one and a half years. In the program, 18 leading teachers are chosen from schools where Jewish-Israeli Culture studies are implemented, and each school principal is required to support the process that the professional coordinator leads in the school. The leading teachers receive a scholarship, remuneration benefits, and an implementation budget.

The Leading Teachers of Jewish Culture Program works in partnership with: the Saulire Foundation, the Posen Foundation, the UJA Federation of New York, the Jewish Federation of Chicago, the Adelis Foundation, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education – Heritage Department, and the Ministry of Education’s Supervision of Jewish-Israeli Culture.

Each year, the Leading Teachers of Jewish Culture Program trains 30 leading teachers.

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