Memizrach Shemesh

Beit Midrash for Social Leadership in the Spirit of the Traditions of Israel Inspired by the Heritage of Jews from the East

‘Memizrach Shemesh - Beit Midrash for Social Leadership’ - Kol Israel Haverim encourages local leadership in the periphery, cultivates a unifying Israeli Judaism, and creates connections to the Jewish Sephardic heritage.

Memizrach Shemesh initiates centers of learning and social activism that promote leadership among local young adults in the socio-geographic periphery of Israel. It operates programs for leading players in the social and public sphere – social activists, educators, rabbis, women leaders, spokespeople, and parliamentary advisors.

In Memizrach Shemesh leadership groups - Netui’m, Sha’arei Uziel, Amitei Tzedek, MAOF, and Tidreshi - our participants learn from the Jewish sources, with an emphasis placed on the Sephardic traditions. This learning process motivates personal growth through an intensive group process, leading to social activism in the community.

The content of the lessons and the group process require taking a stand on social issues and channeling this into action, which strengthens the participants as individuals, as a group, as activists, and as community leaders.

By creating a space where the voices of the participants can be heard, and by channeling the pain and power in their lives toward social action, the participants are transformed into active, aware and socially sensitive leaders. Through this process, they discover their own leadership capabilities, and are given the tools and experience to build a sustainable local community leadership.

Memizrach Shemesh – Beit Midrash for Social Leadership works in partnership with: the Posen Foundation, the Saulire Foundation, the Adelis Foundation, the Tsaba Foundation, and the Yoreinu Foundation; the UJA Federation of New York, the Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest; and in partnership with the Government Office for the Development of the Periphery Negev and Galilee, the National Lottery, the Sephardic Educational Center, local municipalities, and Young Adult Centers in the periphery, Negev, and Galilee.

Memizrach Shemesh trains 260 social leaders each year.