Amitei Tzedek – Partners in Justice

Memizrach Shemesh Partners in Jewish-Israeli Leadership Connecting to the Traditions of Sephardic Jews

‘Amitei Tzedek’, a program of Memizrach Shemesh – Kol Israel Haverim, cultivates Jewish-Israeli leadership that is connects to the traditions of Sephardic Jews, and is unifying, diverse, and inclusive of all.

The program brings together prominent activists in the social field to work together to create a Jewish Masorti worldview, in which Jewish identity is positive and natural, but the commitment to practice mitzvoth is based on personal choice, is flexible and subject to change. Jewish Masorti identity is characterized by a deep respect for the Torah, loyalty to tradition, and a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, while its central focus is about love for humanity and social mitzvoth.

The program deepens the familiarity of the participants with the Jewish Sephardic traditions, exposing them to a world of the Jewish Sephardic Sages, including commentary, Halacha, Responsa, morality, piyut (Jewish liturgical poems), and communal life. The fruitful meeting of this tradition with modernity and secularization offers tools to discuss pressing social issues.

Amitei Tzedek is a two-year program, inviting the participants for one full day of learning, once a week. It builds a network of leaders, who are committed to a Jewish Masorti worldview that is varied and inclusive, and seeks to echo these ideas in the public sphere.

Amitei Tzedek - Memizrach Shemesh works in partnership with: the Posen Foundation, the Saulire Foundation, and the Adelis Foundation.

Amitei Tzedek trains 16 social leaders every two years.

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