Gateway to Graduation

Empowerment and training of educational management teams to raise the rate and quality of Bagrut (matriculation) diplomas

‘Gateway to Graduation’ is a school-level intervention program that promotes educational excellence and local leadership in the periphery. The program is based on a systems approach to schools, designed to raise the number of students in the periphery who matriculate with a full Bagrut diploma, as well as raise the quality of the Bagrut diplomas these students achieve.

‘Gateway to Graduation’ empowers schools’ educational and management teams and advances their professionalization, improves teaching methods and pedagogics, promotes attitude changes and instills in the school staff the values of excellence and teachers’ responsibility for the success of their students.

The program comprises, per school, a four to five years comprehensive coaching, guidance and training process. This includes organizational consulting to the management team; pedagogical instruction and supervision to the school’s pedagogical coordinator and to subject coordinators; and focused training for teachers of specific subjects as needed. The results are dramatic increases in Bagrut eligibility rates for the participating schools, as well as significant increases in the number of students to achieve a quality Bagrut diploma.

‘Gateway to Graduation’ partners include the Trump Foundation, Tami Foundation and Golan Telecom, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Darca Schools Network, local authorities and several of the participating schools.

‘Gateway to Graduation’ was begun over a decade ago and every year it provides support and guidance to some 16 schools in the country’s social periphery.

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