The Legacy of Alliance

“Those of noble spirit and generous heart have gathered together to fight against baseless hatred and prejudice. They have built a society of young Jews, who will bring about solidarity with all people – with Jews who suffer only because they are Jews, and with every other victim of prejudice, whatever their religion. They will ensure that Culture will banish the creeping ignorance and zealotry of the few. They will bring about a gathering of Jewish strength, even though it is small, yet filled with love and passion to do what is right, and will bring about a victory of the truth and understanding worldwide. Come to us - we are the founders of ‘Kol Israel Haverim’”.
(Taken from the first public appeal, published by the founders of the organization in 1860)

The vision of ‘Alliance’ to involve Jews in activities of solidarity, mutual assistance and responsibility, based on universal values and the advancement of humanity, was translated at the very beginning into education - through the establishment of schools. Alliance founded over 280 schools, in which one million pupils learned. It formed an institute for training teachers, and a Beit Midrash to ordain rabbis, through which hundreds of teachers and rabbis were licensed and sent to teach in Alliance schools.

  • The revival of the Hebrew language
  • Revolutionizing education for girls
  • Connecting Judaism and modernity
  • Educational excellence, local leadership and a unifying Judaism

All of this is Alliance.

The story of Alliance offers a source of inspiration for our activities that benefit the entire Israeli society: the motivation to organize Jews toward activities of solidarity, assistance, and mutual responsibility, based on universal values and the advancement of humanity.

Educational excellence, local leadership and a unifying Judaism – this mission forms the DNA of Alliance and its activities today in Israel. Kol Israel Haverim is found in the Israeli periphery, and develops local educational and communal leadership. This leadership empowers pupils toward academic achievements, while strengthening their identity and their sense of belonging and involvement, so that a circle of success and giving is created. The one who receives and succeeds is the one who gives and makes a difference.


Founding of ‘Kol Israel Haverim’

Alliance Israélite Universelle


Founding of the first school in Tétouan, Morocco

Followed by the establishment of 280 additional schools


Founding of the school for teachers

Ecole Normale Israelite Orientale


Founding of the elementary school for girls in

Adrianople, Turkey


Founding of ‘Mikve Israel’

The first agricultural school in Eretz Israel


Founding of ‘Torah V’Malacha’

– the first school in Israel, sparking a revolution in the study


Founding of the Beit Midrash

for Rabbis in Kushta, Istanbul


Founding of the KIAH School

for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Jerusalem


Founding of the school for teachers

Normale Hebraique Ecole
in Casablanca, Morocco