Significant and sustainable change in the achievements of under-achieving schools

‘Mesharim for Fairness in Education’ is a five year program designed to bring revolutionary change to primary schools that are under-achieving in all Ministry of Education’s evaluation parameters. The program operates under a flexible budget that allows for diverse solutions, customized to the needs of each school.

‘Mesharim’ strengthens the self-efficacy of the school’s educational team, improves the quality of teaching processes – generating an increase in the number of students registering to the school, bringing down violence levels, and severing the correlation between students’ socio-economic status and achievements in verbal literacy and numerical literacy (numeracy).

Promoting educational excellence and local leadership in the peripheries, KIAH supports and coaches the schools that participate in the program. KIAH’s pedagogical philosophy focuses on empowerment and professionalization of the school’s management and educational teams, strengthening teachers’ professional identity, fostering attitude changes, and creating a supportive learning environment for both the educational team and the students.

KIAH operates ‘Mesharim’ in 3 schools in the country’s social periphery.