Alliance: Kol Israel Haverim

כל ישראל חברים

Educational Excellence and Local Leadership in the Periphery While Cultivating a Unifying Israeli Judaism

Alliance-Kol Israel Haverim (KIAH) is a leading educational organization in Israel, and part of the Alliance Israélite Universelle founded in 1860 in France, which brought about massive changes in the Jewish world:

  • 280 modern Jewish schools established in the Balkans, Middle East, and North Africa;
  • Education for women;
  • Training centers for local cadres of leaders - educators, community leaders and rabbis;
  • Revival of the Hebrew language;
  • Founding of Mikve Israel (the first Jewish agricultural school in Israel).

These achievements and others created an educated and modern generation, connected to an open and inclusive Jewish tradition, and formed a building block toward the establishment of the State of Israel.

Today in Israel, Kol Israel Haverim promotes educational excellence and local leadership in the country’s periphery, cultivates a unifying Israeli Judaism, and creates connections to the Sephardic Tradition and to French Jewry.

Kol Israel Haverim initiates programs of intervention and empowerment in schools and in the community, and trains educational and local leadership as a means of fostering sustainable social and educational change. Based on the perspective that there is a correlation between academic achievement and identity processes, Kol Israel Haverim advances a diverse, inclusive, and unifying Jewish tradition.

Kol Israel Haverim is headed by voluntary leadership from Israel and France, led by Mr. Samuel Pinto. Kol Israel Haverim’s activities are supported by philanthropists, Jewish Federations, and foundations, from Israel and abroad; and in partnership with the State of Israel - government ministries, institutions and local authorities; educational networks and third sector organizations; education departments, and educational teams throughout Israel

Kol Israel Haverim works with:

Local Authorities