The Kerem Institute for Humanistic Jewish Education

Training Academics toward Quality Teaching in the Humanistic Jewish Spirit Center for Professional Development for Teachers

‘The Kerem Institute for Humanistic Jewish Education’ – Kol Israel Haverim is an educational track at the David Yellin College for training academics toward quality teaching in the humanistic Jewish spirit. It is a center for professional development for teachers in the humanistic fields, with an emphasis on building professional communities and practical learning.

The Kerem Institute encourages educational excellence, and cultivates a unifying Israeli Judaism in the secondary educational system. The Institute trains quality professional teachers, who view the profession of teaching as a mission, and potential veteran career. The graduates of Kerem fill significant roles in the Israeli education system.

The Institute excels in training academics to become teachers through a two-year personalized learning program. The training program includes: didactics workshops and practical training; lessons on education; and enrichment learning in various fields. The learning sessions utilize a dialogic approach, without texts or grades, and foster the personal and professional development of each student in his/her field.

Kerem certifies teachers in the fields of Jewish Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts. The Institute guides teachers during their first year of teaching internship, and fosters the professional development of the teachers, who are already working in the educational field, by extending certification, building a community of teachers, and through focused educational programs.

The Kerem Institute works in partnership with: the Saulire Foundation, the Posen Foundation, the Jerusalem Foundation and Yad Hanadiv; and in partnership with the David Yellin College, the Ministry of Education – Department for Training and Specialization of Teaching Staff, Heritage Department, and the Department for Specialization and Entering Teaching, Research, Development, and Observation at the Mofet Institute.

Each year, the Kerem Institute trains 120 student teachers, and 180 teachers.