MAOF in the Knesset

Tradition, Values, and Politics

‘MAOF in the Knesset: Tradition, Values, and Politics’, in partnership with the Posen Foundation and Kol Israel Haverim, is a training program for parliamentary advisors and spokespeople in the political sphere. They meet for a learning process that clarifies core issues in Israeli society, based in social Jewish values, while they strengthen their personal abilities and parliamentary work, and receive tools that assist them in changing policy toward a more tolerant, inclusive, and democratic society.

The program develops a social, Jewish language to be used as a platform for parliamentary initiatives that can bring about social change in Israel. It deepens the familiarity with Jewish concepts, sources, and ideas relevant to the daily public agenda, as well as the range of identities in Israeli society, emphasizing Judaism as a Culture, as well as Masorti Judaism.

The program makes accessible knowledge, and offers tools that support the advancement of ideas and initiatives in the area of Jewish Culture, in the framework of their ongoing public work, and strengthens their ability to create social change in the State of Israel.

MAOF brings together parliamentary advisors and spokespeople in the political arena, representing a variety of parties, for 10 meetings of learning and political coaching. At the end of the program, there is a trip to France or the United States. The learning sessions focus on issues of religion and State; accessing political power and changing policy; social activism and Social Judaism.

Each year, MAOF trains 15 parliamentary advisors and spokespeople in the political arena.