Adjusting Israeli Educational Frameworks for Young French Immigrants (“Olim”)

The Allé program of Kol Israel Haverim, helps schools take in immigrants from France, offering academic and emotional support, and encouraging educational excellence to provide optimal conditions for acclimation into Israeli society. The program provides support for elementary and secondary schools, helping them adjust, educationally and socially, to ease and optimize acclimation of young French immigrants.

The coordinator of Allé in each school is integrated into the school staff, and develops solutions that are tailored to the school’s needs. The program brings enhancement programs to the school, translated into consultancy hours, academic reinforcement, personal mentoring of students facing difficulties, and an enrichment program in heritage, familiarity with Israeli society, and field trips around Israel.

The program operates in Netanya in four elementary schools and three high schools, in the Mikveh Israel youth village, in the Israeli-French School, and in the Maïmonide-Rambam school.

Allé is supported by the Adams Foundation, the Adelis Foundation, the Samis Foundation, and works in cooperation with the Netanya Municipality, Maïmonide France, Qualita, and the French Embassy in Israel AEFE. Allé operates in 8 schools that take in immigrants from France.

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